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Potonguler has made it into TOP 5 Say Aspire Export Ready Program 🥳🥳

Organized by Selangor Youth Community - SAY Community under DYTM Tengku Amir Shah Ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah AlHaj. It will be a stepping stone for Potonguler to realize our mission of providing more alternatives of low calorie food products and to combat non-communicable diseases due to excessive sugar in food products.🥛🍰👍

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PotonGuler F&B Sdn Bhd was established in November 2018 by siblings Amirah Jasmine Norman who acts as the head of R&D and is the brand’s product formulator, Anas Lufti Norman who is chief of marketing, and Atirah Danial Norman whose role is chief of operations.
Their first product, PotonGuler sweetened condensed milk with zero white sugar, was debuted in February 2019 in their Setia Alam factory.
Amirah, who at the time was still studying at Le Cordon Bleu, conceived the idea for their condensed milk one day while at home making pastries.
She realised that she had neither sweetened condensed milk nor white sugar for the recipe, the latter of which they had stopped using years ago.

Start Small, Aim Big
Since starting, over RM250,000 was invested into PotonGuler to start up its small factory and their product development to make them market-ready.
“As we are just starting as of February 2019 and focusing on direct sales channels such as online and agents, we are making around RM20,000 per month but we are coming up with more distribution channels and planning on venturing into more international market spaces,” Anas shared.
“Since we are a young startup company, our funding is rather limited and our manufacturing capacity is quite small,” Anas said of the biggest challenge that PotonGuler faces.
“So, what we are doing is mostly on a small scale such as marketing activities as well as distribution and we are not able to supply to major hypermarkets and retail store due to high listing fees and existing sales credit terms of up to 90 days in FMCG industry.”
However, “we are looking for potential partners for us to penetrate into distribution as well as getting the awareness of the availability of low-sugar diabetic-friendly food products in the market,” said Anas.
When asked what PotonGuler’s proudest achievement is so far, Anas said, “The fact that a small Malaysian company like us have managed to create the first-in-the-world sweetened condensed milk with zero white sugar and are in the business with a market share of RM2 billion in Malaysia alone.”
“We know are on the right place, we just need to meet the right people and get the awareness out so that we can face the world.”

What’s In Store For The Future?
In line with their mission to create healthier versions of existing everyday food products, PotonGuler will be expanding their product range and already have a sweetened creamer with zero white sugar in development.
“This version contains non-dairy creamer that is suitable for people who aren’t able to take lactose and the products are more affordable to the B40 segments as they are targeted to be priced at RM3–RM4.”
“In that way, we can provide more healthy daily food to more segments of the market. We are also coming up with our very own dairy-based ready-to-drink the tarik, kopi tarik and choco drink.”
“These products are placed as an introduction to diabetic-friendly beverage line where it will be easier for the consumers to be familiarised with low-sugar and diabetic-friendly food products.”
“We are also coming up with our own milk powder with stevia for the dairy powder industry,” Anas added.
As for plans to export their products, Anas told us, “We believe PotonGuler will thrive in developed countries where there are substantial knowledge on healthy food products and consumers are more than happy to spend money for it.”
“So, we are aiming to make a mark in United Kingdom and position ourselves in this lucrative country and we hope we can make our country proud by being a Malaysian-born company that is thriving in the global world.”

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<![CDATA[We are on TV Channel 501 - Awani Review!!]]>Sat, 03 Aug 2019 15:47:37 GMThttp://potonguler.com/news/we-are-featured-in-awani-review
Potonguler team shares our stories, mission and philosophy to combat NCD by providing low sugar, and diabetic friendly milk in Awani Review.

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<![CDATA[We are on air BFM radio]]>Mon, 22 Jul 2019 10:39:21 GMThttp://potonguler.com/news/july-22nd-20193986686

Potonguler team share their stories and mission to help reduce the prevalence of NCD by providing lower calorie and low sugar diabetic friendly food products.

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