Le Ting V2.1
World's First
ZERO White Sugar
Condensed Milk
Awarded Superbrands Malaysia's Choice 2021
Cordial V1
World's First
ZERO White Sugar
Condensed Milk
Awarded Superbrands Malaysia's Choice 2021
11 Years of
Manufacturing Experience
Specialized in the
Sweetener Industry
World's First
Sweetened Dairy Creamer
with ZERO White Sugar

No Sugar?
No Problem!

Eat & drink healthier with us

PotonGuler® is an award-winning Malaysian brand in healthy lifestyle food founded by two sisters.

We are committed to producing ZERO white sugar (diabetic-friendly) products with the hopes of promoting a healthier lifestyle to all Malaysians.

Did you know?

3.9 million or one in five Malaysian adults aged 18 and above suffer from diabetes.

Ministry of Health Malaysia, 2020

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PotonGuler® KRIMER

/ Dairy Series

Control your blood sugar level with PotonGuler®’s very own formulated condensed milk with ZERO white sugar.

Made with 70% full cream milk and 30% good sugar (natural sweeteners), you can now indulge in your favourite Teh Tarik and kuih, worry-free!

PotonGuler® SIFAR

/ Drink Series

Time to enjoy sweet drinks the healthy way! Starting with our Cordial line with ZERO white sugar.

PotonGuler® KETO

/ Low Carb Series

Sugar Free

Keto gang, you can now enjoy sweet drinks without needing to worry about excessive calorie and sugar intake.

PotonGuler® KIDS

/ Kids Series

NO Sucrose Added
NO Artificial Colouring

Our KIDS Series offers a healthier choice Cordial formulated specifically for your cute little and growing kids!

Let’s control our kids’ white sugar intake as early as possible ☺

PotonGuler® KOPI

/ Coffee Series

Coffee lovers, this one’s for you!

Our first ever Coffee Series collaboration with a local specialty Coffee brand, Bayang Coffee!


/ Sweetener Series

Sweet Drops: Your new favourite sugar substitute for your everyday food and drinks, in Stevia liquid form.

Zero Calorie
Sugar Free
Keto Friendly

PotonGuler Sweetener - Sweet Drops

Cook with ZERO White Sugar!

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake


Teh Tarik PotonGuler

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Founder, Mia Norman is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu: A world-renowned educational institution in culinary and hospitality.