Sweetened Dairy Creamer
with ZERO White Sugar


Full Cream Milk

70% premium milk from New Zealand


Zero calorie natural sweetener that is 300x sweeter than white sugar


Low calorie natural sweetener made from Chicory root with fiber

IMO Oligo

Low calorie natural sweetener made from wheat with dietary fiber

Your wellness matters <3

We‘re a family-run food manufacturer committed to improving your wellness by innovating daily food products with ZERO white sugar.

Oh yes… by family, we mean three siblings with totally different personalities working together with shared passion and goals.

Did you know?

3.9 million or one in five Malaysian adults aged 18 and above suffer from diabetes.

Ministry of Health Malaysia, 2020

Let's ditch the bad sugar,
for good!

Control your blood sugar level with our very own formulated condensed milk with ZERO white sugar.

Made with 70% premium milk and 30% good sugar (natural sweeteners), you can now indulge in your favourite Teh Tarik and kuih, worry-free!

Cook with ZERO White Sugar!

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake


Teh Tarik PotonGuler

World Class Recognition

Founder, Mia Norman is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu: A world-renowned educational institution in culinary and hospitality.

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