Sweet Drops

Stevia Mix Sweetener / Stevia Dropper

Available Size: 15ml

Your new favourite sugar substitute for your everyday food and drinks, in Stevia liquid form.
PotonGuler® Sweet Drops sweetens everything from your Tea to your baked goods, with just a few drops.
Now you can enjoy life’s sweetest treats the zero-calorie way!

1-2 drops only

ZERO Calories

Conveniently sized for

Answering your Sweet Drops questions...

Stevia or Stevia rebaudiana is a sweet-tasting, zero-calorie plant extract. It has become a household favoured sweetener (especially amongst diabetic patients) as being a natural and healthier alternative compared to regular high-calorie white sugar. It is also 200-300 times sweeter than white sugar.

Sweet Drops is PotonGuler’s very own Stevia Mix Sweetener (Stevia Dropper). Zero-calorie, Sugar Free and Keto Friendly liquid sweetener in a 15ml bottle.

Yes, Sweet Drops is safe for consumption. It’s zero-calorie and sugar-free property makes it the best replacement for white sugar; therefore it does not affect your blood sugar level.

Sweetness level : 1-2 drops of Sweet Drops is equal to 2-3 teaspoons of sugar.
Shake well before use.

For drinks:
Simply add 1-2 drops in 200ml water. Stir and enjoy!

For food:
Use the conversion above to estimate the amount of Sweet Drops needed.

*Please always remember to consume anything in moderation.

Yes, Sweet Drops is definitely safe for diabetic people.

The consumption does not affect your blood sugar level as it is calorie and sugar free.

* Please always remember to consume anything in moderation.
* If you have any medical questions, we advice you to consult your Doctor 🙂

White Sugar : 16 calories per teaspoon

Sweet Drops : 0 calories per teaspoon

Store your Sweet Drops bottle in a cool and dry place. You do not need to refrigerate after opening. If sedimentation occurs, it is perfectly normal.

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