What makes PotonGuler different?

There are currently 3.6 million diabetics in Malaysia and it’s predicted that 7 million adult Malaysians will be diabetic by 2025.

Anas told us that there’s also the common misconception that sweetened condensed milk is only milk, “but it actually contains more than 70% sugar and only 30% milk or creamers.”

PotonGuler wants to remedy this by enabling consumers to still enjoy sweet things without the effects of excessive sugar in their food products.

“It is in our mission in PotonGuler to make daily food products to have less or zero white sugar, low-calorie, diabetic-friendly and affordable to the masses,” Anas stated.

Stevia Leaves

No White Sugar

Chicory Roots

Build Stronger Bone

70% New Zealand Milk

Low GI

IMO Oligo

Tastes Good

High Fiber