About Us

PotonGuler is an innovative well-being food company. We patented a low-calorie sweetener mixture nickname “Good Sugar”. 

A truly Malaysian homegrown business Champions for promoting ‘Diabetic-Friendly’ food products. PotonGuler strives to be the game-changer in the market of low-calorie, diabetic-friendly food products through innovative ideas in creating food products that are delicious and yet affordable to regular citizens.

History of PotonGuler

In 2010 Norman’s family discovered that Stevia is an excellent sugar replacement for daily food and beverages. At that moment in time, Stevia was still not widely accepted as a natural sugar replacement.

First In The World

Norman’s family immediately saw the potential of Stevia as the answer to reduce excessive sugar in daily food products and have taken the steps to design products and beverages that contain high sugar and replacing it with Stevia thus making it healthier and nutritious. Numerous courses and training were taken to master the knowledge of this alternative sweetener which included food product manufacturing. One of the critical courses taken was with the world’s biggest Stevia manufacturer, PureCircle Limited.

PotonGuler Condensed Milk Products

Sweetened condensed milk has long known to contain a ridiculously lofty amount of sugar and is popularly used with numerous favorite Malaysian drinks especially the famous Teh Tarik. Therefore, to improve the nutrition of the existing sweetened condensed milk, Mia upon graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Paris had fruitfully created the world first, diabetic-friendly sweetened condensed milk with absolutely no white sugar. Susu Pekat Manis PotonGuler, diabetic-friendly with absolutely no white sugar First of its kind in the world alone in its own category rich with the goodness of full cream milk with 70% of its content and the balance is PotonGuler patent-pending low calorie and low GI sweetener mixture.

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