Cordial Lineup

Sweetened Dairy Creamer
with ZERO White Sugar

Cordial Lineup

Sweetened Dairy Creamer
with ZERO White Sugar

PotonGuler® is an award-winning Malaysian brand in healthy lifestyle food.
We are committed to producing ZERO white sugar (diabetic-friendly) products
with the hopes of promoting a healthier lifestyle to all Malaysians.
It is our biggest dream to create a world where everyone can
enjoy sweet things without worry.

A family's dream for a healthier Malaysia

How it all started

In 2010, Norman’s family discovered that Stevia is an excellent sugar replacement as it is a plant-based, zero calorie sweetener.

Although Stevia wasn’t widely accepted as a sugar replacement at the time, the family believed in its potential as the answer to reduce excessive sugar in daily food products.

Mastering the art of Stevia

The family set out to master the knowledge of this alternative sweetener by taking rigorous courses and trainings, one of them being with the world’s biggest Stevia manufacturer; PureCircle Limited.

In between courses and trainings, they launched  Spike; a brand providing natural sweeteners in mini sachets and later created a line of healthier fruit juices.

This story gets even better…

The A-HA! moment

In late 2018, the A-HA! moment hit Amirah, the youngest sibling.

Upon graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Amirah begin experimenting on creating a healthier and more nutritious version of the existing sweetened condensed milk which is long known to contain a ridiculous amount of sugar. Despite this, it is popularly used in many Malaysian drinks, especially the nation’s favourite Teh Tarik.

In 2019, after careful months of R&D, Amirah finally created the world’s first diabetic-friendly Sweetened Condensed Milk with ZERO white sugar. An absolutely healthier version made with 70% full-cream milk and 30% natural low calorie sweeteners. PotonGuler® was born.

No Sugar? No Problem!

Just several months after PotonGuler® was born, we’ve been recognized by numerous media and have been winning several awards; our recent being awarded the Superbrand status.

Through everyone’s generous support, we were able to expand our brand further. We now have 5 PotonGuler® brands (Dairy, Drink, Keto, Kids, Coffee and Tea series)- all created with ZERO white sugar, all tastes just as good and all made just for you!

Thank you Malaysians for believing in us!

Amirah Jasmine Norman

Atirah Danial Norman